Metalurges Title
Clock With Dye and Oxide

Welcome to my slightly askew world of metal. I have always tried to think outside the box, and try to use as few straight lines as I can. To me, the world is more fun when you stretch the limits of propriety. My website presents examples of pieces I have done over the past few years. Lots of clocks with pendulums, switchplates, mirrors, menorahs, other functional sculptures, even unfunctional outdoor sculpture (functional only in the pleasure it brings to the environment) and, of course, jewelry of mixed metals.

In most cases, the pieces have been sold and are happily ensconced in private collections. If you see something you would like to live with, please contact me. Although I very rarely duplicate, I often make adaptations of pieces I’ve designed and have no qualms changing my color palette to suit your needs.

My collection represents a variety of materials. I work in steel, aluminum (mostly for outdoor pieces), and introduce copper, brass and silver as well in my jewelry. I use oils, acrylics, or acid dyes to add color. I recently moved from Portland, Or. to Forestville, Ca. and am in the process of setting up a new studio. I am hopeful that a new location will alter my work to reflect the new surroundings.

Enjoy…..Susan Levine

© Susan Levine


Sebastopol, CA